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replied reginanicole created topics Meetup 34: Ice Skating

@IF_Miao Mine? Indonesian. Why?

replied Albert created topics Do we have any meetups at next weekend(either 11.28 or 11.29)?

Sad for that... But don't worry, Dalian Laowai will always make an update if there is a new meetup!

replied Cinderella0201 created topics Free to teach Chinese

Cool... I want to join, but only can use Wechat hahaha. I guess it might be not enough for you. Why not try to join our meetup this weekend? You can meet people from different countries there and introduce yourself too!

replied Cinderella0201 created topics Free to teach Chinese

It's so nice of you! But how to teach each others? By meeting or by online platform (Skype or Wechat)?

replied Cosmoathena created topics Genuine Leather chair for sell

What is the size of the chair?

replied Thomas created topics Do you think it might be good to recruit volunteers ?

Because this is a community, it's preferable to use 1 language as the main one. People are able to make post with 2 language (mother tongue and translated to english or chinese), but it will cause complication in the future if people just group up based on their own language.