Кто такие эти «Er dai men»? | 你知道中国的“二代们”吗? (俄文版)

Привет,Лаовай! Сегодня мы подготовили для тебя кое-что интересное.

Misconceptions About Africa | 你真的误会非洲了 T T(中英文版)

Do you still remember this article? 你还记得这篇文章吗?

Top 10 Hotels In Dalian | 大连高端酒店TOP排行榜(英文版)

We have gathered some information regarding TripAdvisor's list of TOP 10 hotels in Dalian. We hope that this article will be useful for you.

BBC Documentary: Chinese New Year

Days ago I have found this BBC documentry and think today is a good and right time to share with you.

DCTWines | DCT葡萄酒

Exact French Quality, In Dalian. Great Deal, for you.

Iron MuaiThai Fitness | Iron泰拳馆

Well, news flash for you! You should get exercise!

TEN Sailing Club | 拓恩帆船俱乐部

TEN Sailing Club, most professional sailing club Dalian has seen so far, is now letting you experience sailing in the best way possible with their affordable prices.

【万圣节】Pumpkin to Jack-O-Lantern in 8 Easy Steps ? 8步做出南瓜灯!

What about your Halloween decorations?

Beauty Hospital: Laser Hair Removal | 美容院:激光脱毛

Beauty exist inside everyone

Chiropractic Center (Professional Massage Center) | 美国脊椎矫正中心

Disclaimer: This place was recommended by one of expat in Dalian. It's suitable for foreigners because the doctors were able to speak English.