【Local Life】An English Speaking Dental Clinic | Ocean Dental

Frequently, people ask us about dental clinics for them to go to, and we often recommend clinics based on their locations and their preferred languages.

5 Foreign Films Release in China, Dec. 2016 | 本月即将上映的外国电影

Happy December! As winter comes in full force, and with that, the subsequent pollution from trying to keep us all warm, let's find solace in the moving picture shows~

Worldwide Tickets Discount Up to 35% | Worldwide让你尽享65折机票

So, here's the deal: Worldwide flight tickets, 3-5 days before the flight. Discount up to 35%!

7 приложений на телефон, необходимые в Китае | 7款你需要下载的App(俄文版)

How to Open Chinese Bank Account for Foreigner? | 如何开通银行卡

Step by Step

Edinburgh (Àidīngbǎo) Veterinary Clinic | 爱丁堡宠物医院

We looked for a veterinary clinic for you! 为你的小宝贝找一个信得过的医院。

외국인들을 위한 중국 운전면허증 | 外国人如何在中国取得驾照(韩文版)

외국인들은 중국내 운전면허증이 있어야 합법적으로 운전할수 있습니다.

Check your express mail via Wechat | 一个公众号查询所有快递(中英文版)

Choosing what type of express delivery to use can be complicated and demanding task, especially for a foreigner. 快递种类太多,快递单号查询过程复杂,拿什么拯救你,我的快递?

Instant Human Chinese Interpretation with LipSync App | 实时翻译App

Are you trying to be more independent navigating your life in China, only to find language barriers stand in your way? You already know many ways to find help, and LipSync wants to make it easier for you.

Learn Some Fancy Chinese Sentences! | 学一点流行的汉语吧

Learning these simple Chinese sentences are basic skill of living in China.