How to Travel with Your Pet | 宠物托运(英文版)

Moving your pet to or from China might not seem like an easy thing to do, but the good news is, it is not impossible.

A Laowai Tells us Not to Waste Plastic Bags | 外国小哥劝我们停止挥霍塑料袋

We need to protect environment together. 我们需要携起手来共同保护环境。

A Native English Teacher Needed (12k-18K/mo, Zhongshan District)

The information is from a Trusted Source.

【fā xiàn Dalian】Squash | 壁球馆

The squash court at the Xigang Sports Center is Dalian's only glass squash court. The bright, neat-looking room is a totally fine place to work up a sweat...

Top 10 Hotels In Dalian | 大连高端酒店TOP排行榜(英文版)

"Chinese Wind" Gifts | 适合送给朋友的“中国风”礼物

【fā xiàn Dalian】¥100 Refund to Discover EdenEat | 发现第一站:EdenEat

Discover EdenEat and get up to 100 RMB refund! 我们支持你去“发现大连”。

【fā xiàn Dalian】We will pay you to discover Dalian! | 你来发现,我来买单!

fā xiàn Dalian (Discover Dalian) has become one of Dalian Laowai's regular publications 发现大连,已经成为大连老外的固定板块之一

【Winter】Kaiyang Equestrian Club Winter Camp | 凯洋马术之冬令营季

This article is specially prepared for children.这是一篇专门为孩子准备的文章。

6 Foreign Films Release in China, Jan. 2017 | 本月即将上映的外国电影

Which ones are you most excited to see this month?