13 Foreign Films Come to China | 本月上映的外国电影 (中英文版)

Which one will you see?

September 7th AmCham Welcome Back Networking at Hilton-Conrad

On Thursday night, Dalian Laowai will attend the AmCham's night exchange at the C-Grill Restaurant which is located at the 2nd floor of Hilton-Conrad Hotel.

Misconceptions About Africa | 你真的误会非洲了 T T(中英文版)

Do you still remember this article? 你还记得这篇文章吗?

【Dalian Jobs】Positions for Native French & Spanish Speakers

【C-Pop】Jay Chou | 进来听歌

Welcome to DalianLaowai's new series, C-Pop! C-Pop is a series through which we introduce you to China's current pop culture. In this first season, we present you China's most popular singers and bands.

Как пользоваться услугами такси в Даляне | 在大连如何打出租车?(俄文版)

Как перевести деньги своему другу через Вичат кошелек|微信转账(俄文版)

Как при помощи смс- сообщения проверить баланс на телефоне | 查话费

Как открыть банковский счет для иностранных граждан? | 银行开户(俄文版)

JiangYuan Archery Club | “将苑”带你体验传统弓箭

JiangYuan Archery Club is the only place in Dalian where you can have the experience of using a cold weapon.将苑冷兵器体验馆,目前大连唯一一家专业性冷兵器体验会馆。