A Native English Teacher Needed (12k-18K/mo, Zhongshan District)

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【OUTDOOR】MAY DAY Holiday Activities | 超级五 • 一

May Day is coming! Join us at our MAY DAY special outdoor activities!

【fā xiàn Dalian】Focus Pizza | 聚焦披萨

How long has it been since the last time you ate an authentic handmade pizza?

【fā xiàn Dalian】Squash | 壁球馆

The squash court at the Xigang Sports Center is Dalian's only glass squash court. The bright, neat-looking room is a totally fine place to work up a sweat...

대련 사투리 | 外国留学生听得懂的大连话大盘点【韩文版】

안녕하세요! 한국인 유학생들을 위해 준비한 한글판입니다


哈喽, 郭胖来了。我变胖了

【Local Life】Barata Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | 骑士健身

It’s time to make yourself more handsome!

다롄시와 선양시에 있는 영사관 안내 | 各国驻沈阳、大连领事馆合辑(韩文版)

다롄시와 선양시에 있는 영사관 안내 | 各国驻沈阳、大连领事馆合辑(韩文版)