The Real Apple Store in Dalian | 大连苹果店

Dalian is finally getting the rumored “Apple Store”.

Dimsum Restaurants in Dalian | 大连港式餐厅

Dimsum is very typical cuisine in places like Hong Kong and Guangdong province.

Tona Fish - Fish and Chips | 炸鱼薯条

A new chain-restaurant popping up around Dalian is “Tona Fish – Fish and Chips”.

KM . infinite (KM恐龙蘑菇) | KM恐龙蘑菇

A friend told us about this restaurant, but we had a really hard time finding it, especially at night.

The Best Burgers in Dalian (Late 2015) | 大连好吃的汉堡

After living in China for a while, you will appreciate a burger done right.

Sun Asia Ocean World And Polar World | 圣亚海洋世界

The weather in Dalian is starting to become warm.

WINTER WONDERLAND: Dalian First Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

Dear Dalian Laowai's friends! Finally the first outdoor ice skating rink in Dalian starts to operate to serve you!

Tiger Beach Ocean Park | 老虎滩海洋公园

Are you just staying at home during this cold winter? How about we introduce you to one attraction place in Dalian?!

Local: Galleria | 凯丹广场

Dalian makes us happy again with new places.

Summer Activity: Chengyuan Water Park and Hot Spring | 成园温泉山庄

Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa (成园山庄 or Chéng yuán shānzhuāng) wins 11 world’s top records honorably and the Hot Spring Spa Paradise alone enjoys 9 of the special honors.