Namaste INDIA Restaurant | 天竺咖喱印度餐厅

You don't need to go all the way to India to try out the most authentic dishes of this beautiful country with having all spices imported directly from India and Indian chef's preparing meals just for you right here in Dalian. 全部食材香料印度进口,多位印度大厨亲手为您烹制印度美食。

How to Buy Cinema Ticket through WeChat Wallet | 如何用微信买电影票(英文版)

There are a lot of things that you can do once you set up your WeChat Wallet. One of the essential things is to buy cinema tickets.

Instant Human Chinese Interpretation with LipSync App | 实时翻译App

Are you trying to be more independent navigating your life in China, only to find language barriers stand in your way? You already know many ways to find help, and LipSync wants to make it easier for you.

Learn Some Fancy Chinese Sentences! | 学一点流行的汉语吧

Learning these simple Chinese sentences are basic skill of living in China.

Turning down alcohol in putonghua | 如何使用普通话拒酒

As a foreigner, you usually find your host polite and respectful, so you shouldn’t need such skill as refusing drinks.

WeChat Mobile Balance Top Up | 如何使用微信充值电话费

Last time, we taught you about how to make WeChat Wallet to have easier life in China.

How to Communicate in Dalian | 在大连,和家人朋友联系的方式有哪些?

How will you stay connected to people in Dalian?

How to Use IP Card to make International Call | 如何使用 IP 卡打国际电话

When you're in China, you can't just simply use your number to make a call outside the country.

Step by Step to Register Your SimCard | 如何注册 SIM 卡

Last week, Dalian Laowai made post about registering Sim Card before September 1st otherwise your number might be invalid.

SimCard: Which Chinese Mobile Provider should you choose? | 买 SIM 卡的时候,选哪个运营商

Choosing a mobile phone carrier in China is a bit tricky, you need to check all the aspect in order to get the one that suitable with your need.