YanShot Photography

Are you looking for professional photographer to capture your amazing life? You can try this one! He came from USA and offer services in English!

Ashley Furniture Homestore | 美国家居 - 爱室丽家居

Local Life | 本地生活

La Touche de France: French Wines | 大连的红酒外贸公司

"La Touche de France ltd " is a French- Chinese company based in Dalian who works directly with french local wine producers.

Home With Flowers: Fresh Flower Delivery | 大连花艺服务

Home With Flowers is an individual owned company that provides a fresh flower delivery for every occasion that you need!

Moving Services Company | 数码广场附近的搬家服务

When we move we have a lot of things to things to move around, our heavy suitcases, kitchen utilities and our toiletries.

Exit-Entry Administration Of Dalian Municipal Public Security | 出入境管理处

If you're a foreigner in Dalian, you need to be familiar with this place.

4 Major Supermarkets for Imported Food Shopping in Dalian | 大连购买进口食品的地方

We all enjoy buying cheap food and groceries in China – the price of Chinese food compared to Western food is significantly cheaper.

Delivery Services in Dalian (UPS, EMS, DHL) | 大连的配送服务

When you're staying in Dalian, there are a lot of things that you need to re-learn, one of those things is delivery service.

The Real Apple Store in Dalian | 大连苹果店

Dalian is finally getting the rumored “Apple Store”.

Dimsum Restaurants in Dalian | 大连港式餐厅

Dimsum is very typical cuisine in places like Hong Kong and Guangdong province.