Step by Step to Register Your SimCard | 如何注册 SIM 卡

Last week, Dalian Laowai made post about registering Sim Card before September 1st otherwise your number might be invalid.

SimCard: Which Chinese Mobile Provider should you choose? | 买 SIM 卡的时候,选哪个运营商

Choosing a mobile phone carrier in China is a bit tricky, you need to check all the aspect in order to get the one that suitable with your need.

What to do if my card swallowed by ATM? | 银行卡被 ATM 吞了如何处理

Things happened all the time when you're in China.

How to Transfer Money to Your Friend Through WeChat | 如何使用微信给朋友转账

There are so many features of WeChat that can be useful on your daily life once you download this application.

How to Open Chinese Bank Account for Foreigner? | 外国人如何开通银行卡

When you're in China, using Chinese Bank is a must to help you go through your daily life.

How to Make Wechat Wallet | 如何注册微信钱包

WeChat (aka Weixin) is a multipurpose social networking app in China.

How to Register Alipay Account for Foreigner | 如何注册支付宝

Every foreigner that decided to go to China need to learn some basic survival trick in this country.

대련 버스노선 안내 | 大连公交信息(韩语版)

대련에서의 생활을 쉽고 편리하게 만들어주는 "Dalian Laowai" "Dalian Laowai"는 대련의 외국인들이 버스노선을 찾을 수 있게 만들었습니다. 현재 30개의 노선을 서비스하고 있으며, 더 많은 노선들은 곧 업데이트 됩니다.

Bus Routes: Updates | 大连公交线路更新

We are pleased to inform you that auto reply system of bus routes was updated by new routes. Now all bus routes in Dalian are available for you to check now — yep, you are right, all bus routes in Dalian :)

Dalian Three New Airport Express Busses | 大连新开通的机场大巴

Three new airport express busses have been put into use since September 1st,2015!