Что Вы должны знать перед тем, как снимать квартиру в Китае|租房常识(俄语版)

List of Consulates in Shenyang and Dalian | 各国驻沈阳、大连领事馆合辑(中英文版)

Клиника китайской медицины «Виктория» | 一家提供俄语服务的医院(俄文版)

Водительские права для иностранных граждан | 外国人如何在中国取得驾照(俄文版)

How to Travel with Your Pet | 宠物托运(英文版)

Moving your pet to or from China might not seem like an easy thing to do, but the good news is, it is not impossible.

How to get refund in TaoBao

How to get refund in TaoBao. 如何在淘宝申请退款。

A Laowai Tells us Not to Waste Plastic Bags | 外国小哥劝我们停止挥霍塑料袋

We need to protect environment together. 我们需要携起手来共同保护环境。

A Native English Teacher Needed (12k-18K/mo, Zhongshan District)

The information is from a Trusted Source.

【OUTDOOR】MAY DAY Holiday Activities | 超级五 • 一

May Day is coming! Join us at our MAY DAY special outdoor activities!

【fā xiàn Dalian】Focus Pizza | 聚焦披萨

How long has it been since the last time you ate an authentic handmade pizza?