What to do if my card swallowed by ATM? | 银行卡被吞卡怎么办

Things happened all the time when you're in China.

What You Must Know Before Renting Apartment in China | 租房前注意事项

For most foreigners in Dalian, the only choices of your accomodation are dormitory or apartment. If you live in dormitory, you don't need to think about a lot of complicated things to deal with, but if you decide to try to live in apartment, today's post will help you understand some important concepts!

Tips on How to Use Taxi in Dalian | 如何使用出租车

Taxi is usually the easiest and most efficient way to get from one place to the other.

7 Apps You Need to Download to live in Dalian | 在大连生活需要的7个 App

Well, if you're here already in China, you must heard about this app at least once.

WeChat Mobile Balance Top Up | 如何使用微信充值电话费

Last time, we taught you about how to make WeChat Wallet to have easier life in China.

How to Buy Cinema Ticket through WeChat Wallet | 如何使用微信来购买电影票

There are a lot of things that you can do once you set up your WeChat Wallet.

6 Music Stores in Dalian | 大连购买乐器的地方

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. Victor Hugo

Join Dalian Wolfhounds Gaelic Football Club!! | 大连的一个足球俱乐部

Do you know what is Gaelic football?

Three Martial Art Club in Dalian | 大连学习武术的地方

青山武道 qīng shān wǔ dào (跆拳道taekwondo/剑道kendo)

4 Major Supermarkets for Imported Food Shopping in Dalian | 大连购买进口食品的地方

We all enjoy buying cheap food and groceries in China – the price of Chinese food compared to Western food is significantly cheaper.