Summer Activity: Dalian Forest Zoo | 大连森林动物园

The Dalian Forest Zoo was moved from the downtown center into the top south part of Dalian city- a scenic place named white cloud mountain landscape on October 15, 1995 with hills at the back and the sea in the front. It covers an area of 7.2 square kilometers; the planning area is 80 hectare.

Sauna Places in Dalian | 桑拿会所

The weather is getting colder and people have different ways to relax.

M Visa For Business People | 经贸签证

The M visa is issued to those who intend to go to China for commercial and trade activities.

L Visa For Tourists | 旅游签证

The “Tourism Visa” is issued to tourists and other people visiting China for leisure or personal reasons (eg. to visit a family member – although the Q and S visas can be used for that purpose if the stay is to be a particularly long one).

J Visas For Journalists | 采访签证

The Chinese visa system offers two different kinds of journalism visa depending on the length of stay intended by the journalist and the nature of their employment.

G Visa For Transit | 过境签证

The G Visa is a 72-hour visa issued to those who intend to transit through China using air, land and sea routes.

F Visa for "Non-Commercial" Visits | 访问签证

China’s F Visas are issued to people who are visiting the Chinesemainland for the purpose of exchanges, study tours and similaractivities.

D Visa For Permanent Residence (Chinese Green Card) | 定居签证

In June 2014, state media reported that the Chinese government wasconsidering relaxing its policy on issuing China “Green Cards” to foreigners toallow more people to qualify for permanent residence on the Chinese mainland.In practice it’s still difficult indeed to get.

C Visa For Foreign Crew Members | 乘务签证

The Chinese mainland C Visa is issues to foreign crew members (eg. those working on aircraft, trains and ships), or motor vehicle drivers engaged in cross-border transport activities, ot to their accompanying family members.

Diplomatic and Services Visa | 外交签证

These visas are issued to foreign government officials, as well asthe staff of diplomatic missions and the United Nations who are travelling to China for official business or accreditation.