WINTER WONDERLAND: Dalian First Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

Dear Dalian Laowai's friends! Finally the first outdoor ice skating rink in Dalian starts to operate to serve you!

Tiger Beach Ocean Park | 老虎滩海洋公园

Are you just staying at home during this cold winter? How about we introduce you to one attraction place in Dalian?!

Local: Galleria | 凯丹广场

Dalian makes us happy again with new places.

Summer Activity: Chengyuan Water Park and Hot Spring | 成园温泉山庄

Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa (成园山庄 or Chéng yuán shānzhuāng) wins 11 world’s top records honorably and the Hot Spring Spa Paradise alone enjoys 9 of the special honors.

Summer Activity: Dalian Forest Zoo | 大连森林动物园

The Dalian Forest Zoo was moved from the downtown center into the top south part of Dalian city- a scenic place named white cloud mountain landscape on October 15, 1995 with hills at the back and the sea in the front. It covers an area of 7.2 square kilometers; the planning area is 80 hectare.

Sauna Places in Dalian | 桑拿会所

The weather is getting colder and people have different ways to relax.

M Visa For Business People | 经贸签证

The M visa is issued to those who intend to go to China for commercial and trade activities.

L Visa For Tourists | 旅游签证

The “Tourism Visa” is issued to tourists and other people visiting China for leisure or personal reasons (eg. to visit a family member – although the Q and S visas can be used for that purpose if the stay is to be a particularly long one).

J Visas For Journalists | 采访签证

The Chinese visa system offers two different kinds of journalism visa depending on the length of stay intended by the journalist and the nature of their employment.

G Visa For Transit | 过境签证

The G Visa is a 72-hour visa issued to those who intend to transit through China using air, land and sea routes.